Water Leaks

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From leaky facets to water stains revealing your leaky pipes, Diamond Head Plumbing, Inc. is the expert to call in Honolulu. Over over 30 years of experience and an A+ rating with the BBB, you know you can trust our team to detect even the most hard to find leaks, We have an arsenal of methods for leak detection, including dye kits, pipe tracing and more! Call today to speak with our team!
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Water leaks

Water leaks can cause unsightly water marks on your walls and ceilings and cause dripping noises that are irritating to the ear and waste water over time. Regardless if there's dripping coming from your facets, your toilet continues to run or there's an invisible water leak, we have state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to find the leak and set things right again. 

Leak detection

Unlike a dripping facet, it's not always clear where that pesky leak is coming from. Our team uses the most effective methods for leak detection, including acoustic leak detection, pipe tracing, dye kits and our years of expertise to find the exact source of the problem. 
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Gas and sprinkler leaks

If you use a sprinkler system to maintain your lawn or require one for commercial purposes, a leak can result in unwanted money and water costs due to water loss. We use our leak detection methods to solve your sprinkler leaks too. And water leaks are not the only leaks we can detect and fix; we also are able to identify the source of gas leaks and remedy the problem quickly and effectively.
We'll detect and solve your leaky pipe problems!
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